Cute Gift Idea: Homemade Native Wildflower Seed Packets

Homemade decorated wildflower seed packets

Thinking of gifts to give for teachers’ birthdays, end of year gifts, etc etc, is always such a chore for me. Not that I don’t enjoy giving gifts to teachers (they deserve them!!), but just trying to decide what to give is the issue for me. Not to mention the expense of having so many gifts to give in a year!

Usually our gifts end up being some kind of gourmet dark chocolate along with a little something else, like maybe an organic lip balm or foot butter.

I felt like a total genius when I thought of this idea! I was out collecting some seeds, and thought about to whom I could give seeds. You know, spread the word about native plant gardening and all!

Then I remembered my daughter’s teacher’s birthday next week. Tada! The idea was born.

Next chance I had, I popped into the dollar store to look for some cute little envelopes to package seeds in.

bag of brown paper bags from dollar store

Found these! Perfect- 10 bags for $1.25!

Using a little lid, I drew a light circle in pencil.

using a lid to draw a round circle on brown paper bag

Next, I drew a gently wavy circle using the pencil circle as my guide.

drawing wavy black circle on brown paper bag

Then I added simple little leaves on alternating sides of the squiggly circle, added some lettering, and voila! Adorable little seed packets.

three decorated seed packets for native wildflower seeds

I added seeds to each packet, folded the tops over, and stapled them. Done!

three decorated seed packets with homegrown wildflower seeds packaged in them

Ps. I did erase the pencil marks. I forgot until I uploaded these photos 😉

What an easy, unique gift idea! I whipped them up in literally 20 minutes or less.

And I love the thought that this could very well spread awareness about native wildflower gardening!

Ps. I just thought of something that would be great to add- little labels or info sheets inside the packet with planting instructions! It’s a little late for this batch, but for the next ones I’ll do that!

Happy Gardening!